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An overview of projects



Live Shows


 Golden Trailer awards  (key 9 yrs. to date)

June/Johnny Cash (personal)

Lee Ann Rimes (personal)

Nestor Torres (personal)

Carney and Wendy Wilson (personal)

Beach Boys Family and Friends (personal)

Art Garfunkel (personal)

Fashion Shows

Dance Shows 


Feature Films


Tug of War (Key hair/mkup) Present

Iron Palm (Yunjin Kim personal mkup)

Diary of a Serial Killer (Gary Busey personal mkup)

I Love You But (Key hair/mkup)

Lawnmower Man II (hair assist)

A Place for Sarah (Day player mkup assist)

Casper Meets Wendy ( Day player mkup assist)

Jawbreaker (Day player mkup assist)



Makeup/HairSouthern California Pontiac (key)

Sprint (key)

Container Store (key)

Lucky Xmas (key)

Pepsi Commercial (assist hair/mkup)

Keystone Beer (assist mkup)




Pilot reality “Good Girl Girl” (key)

Beach Boys Family & Friends on Regis and Kelly

Kathy Smith - KTLA Appearance (personal)

 Terry Murphy - G.E.D (personal)

Terry Murphy 3 infomercials (personal)

Dinner & Movie on TBS 1st season (key)

Walton's 25th Anniversary Show (key)

 California Pontiac (key)

Mary Ann Mobly/ Gary Collins - P.S.B (personal)

Joanie James (singer) (personal)

Keystone Beer (mkup assist)

Home & Family Show (1 week mkup/hair assist)


TV Interviews


Last Conan Movie (Director/Writers/Producer/Actress)

Art Garfunkel (personal)

Carnie & Wendy Wilson (personal) 

Gary Busey (personal)

America Band (personal)

Chris Durran (personal)

Michael English (personal)

Tracy Lawrence (personal)

Ron Silver (personal)

Billy Ray Cyrus (personal)

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