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Betty Kennedy has been a hair and makeup artist in the Los Angeles area for the past 30 years. 

She has had wonderful opportunities to work side by side with some of the best professionals makeup/hair artists in the industry. 

Betty has worked on the film, videos, TV, commercials, advertising print/fashion, live event projects as a key makeup/hair artist and has worked on many celebrities.

As an artist Betty makes sure she is is her passion, Betty takes the time to connect to each person she works on creating a look for them. It is important to take pride in not only achieving what is conventionally desired but also in her ability to hear the needs and desires of clients.

Throughout her life she has always been intrigued with the classic 20's-40's styles of makeup and hair.

This era of styling hair and creating film noir makeup/hair & styling has been a specialty and passion and is seen in her work. 

It is important in this business to keep up with the trendy styles in makeup and hair. For fashion magazines, catalogs, special events to the Red Carpet; Betty makes sure she stays on top of all the current styles.


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