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This professional, Betty Kennedy, has over 40 years of experience in the beauty industry, with a focus on photography, makeup, and hair. She has a strong background in marketing and brand development, and has worked with celebrities, film, and television productions. Her expertise also extends to event management, decorating in stores and as a stylist on photo shoots. Betty is a highly skilled makeup artist and hair stylist, with experience in airbrush makeup, hair extensions, and male grooming. She is passionate about her work and has a keen eye for detail, making her a sought-after artist for weddings, photo shoots, and special events.


Job titles for Betty include: Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist, Celebrity and Actors Makeup/Hair Artist, Film/TV Makeup/Hair Artist, Beauty, Head shots and Lifestyle. Betty has worked on fashion shoots, fashion shows, Bat Mitzvah, Proms, Red Carpets, Wedding makeup and hair as well as  her own photography work.


Her professional skills include event makeup and hair management, makeup artistry, hair styling, photography for children, teens and adults and celebrity relations. With her experience and expertise, Betty can be there for those in need of a highly qualified professional artist in her field.

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